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Budapest, Hungary

Impact Area: Affordable Technology

People Supported:
People with Disabilities

Joined NESsT Portfolio:


The majority of visually impaired people in Hungary do not have access to newspapers and other printed matter, nor to universal services that are taken for granted by many. They often cannot afford tools and equipment that would grant them independent access to information, culture and services. Alko-soft offers IT support for people with visual impairment, promotes ICT accessibility, and sells equipment for the visually impaired. Alko-soft recently launched a specialized digital newsstand for visually impaired people, offering access to several highly reputable nationwide newspapers and magazines.

Results & Impact 


people whose lives improved thanks to Alko-soft services


annual income in 2016

With NESsT’s support, we now have a more accountable business mentality. NESsT has enabled us to see and understand our key strengths and weaknesses in our business and has also significantly broadened our network.
— Bálint Dvariecki, Founder and Managing Director, Alko-soft

NESsT Investment

Alko-soft joined the NESsT portfolio in 2012. Since that time, NESsT has invested financial capital, as well as tailored business development support in the company.

NESsT has focused its support on assisting Alko-soft in the product development of eRikkancs, a new service. The NESsT team has also helped improve Alko-soft's overall operations, including consulting on the development of a solid financial system, implementing a system for measuring social impact and strategizing on a communications plan to increase awareness of the company and its services.