Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF)

SEWF 2013 (Canada, October 2-4) will bring together social entrepreneurs, propelling movement into mainstream, and raising its impact to new levels, with focus on collaboration, great ideas and systemic approach to change.

In October 2012, 850 delegates from 33 countries participated in the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF2012), the premiere global event focused exclusively on social enterprise, hosted by NESsT in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This year, TRICO Charitable Foundation is partnering with the Social Enterprise Council of Canada, the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, Social Innovation Generation, the Social Finance Forum and the Canadian Community Economic Development Network to host the event in Calgary, Canada (October 2-4).

Check out SEWF 2013 website here and know more about SEWF 2012 proceedings in this same section.

Social Enterprise: Investing for Impact

The overall theme of SEWF2012 was the growing field of impact investing and focuses on attracting new investment capital for social enterprise.

Antony Bugg-Levine, co-author of the newly released book Impact Investing: Transforming How We Make Money While Making a Difference, was a SEWF2012 keynote speaker.

SEWF2012 Lead Sponsor

NESsT wishes to thank BNDES for being the Lead Sponsor of SEWF2012, supporting the overall theme of impact investing.

Governo Federal Brasil|

Student Scholarships

63 students won SEWF2012 Scholarships for free registration in exchange for volunteering part-time at the event. The scholars were selected from over 160 candidates and represent an impressive, diverse group from 17 countries and 9 Brazilian states. >More

SEWF2012 Proceedings

NESsT is delighted to share proceedings from this seminal event held for the first time in Brazil and Latin America. The SEWF2012 sparked a national conversation around the power and potential of social enterprise to address critical social problems in Brazil and around the world. >More

Social Enterprise in Brazil
NESsT is delighted to partner with Project Brasil27 to document and share here some of the many rich discussions and ideas that emerged from the SEWF2012 track focused on “Social Enterprise in Brazil.” The objective of this document, commissioned by NESsT and sponsored by ICE (Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial), is to synthesize the content of all the five panels of the “Social Enterprise in Brazil” track, and share the results with a wide Brazilian and international audience. >More

Social Enterprise Suppliers

From the venue itself to delegate materials, design, entertainment, food, gifts, internet cafe, photography & video services, recycling, site visits, travel & tourism services, etc., the SEWF2012 was supplied by Brazilian social enterprises! Meet some of our amazing SEWF2012 social enterprise suppliers.

Centro Cultural Ação da Cidadania

SEWF2012 Venue: A Social Enterprise Itself

The SEWF2012 venue is a social enterprise itself! The Centro Cultural Ação da Cidadania is operated by Ação da Cidadania, a leading Brazilian community organization dedicated to overcoming hunger and poverty. Ação da Cidadania rents out the Centro Cultural as a venue for community and cultural events, generating income to support its social programs. The historic building was built in 1871 as a storage facility on the waterfront docks of Rio, and renovated in 2002. To view additional photos of the Centro Cultural, click here ›

Projeto Porto Maravilha - Companhia de Desenvolvimento Urbano da Região do Porto do Rio de Janeiro (CDURP)| SEWF venue is in the heart of the Porto Maravilha, a major urban waterfront renewal program, including a comprehensive strategy to maintain and promote the cultural, historical and social patrimony of the region… >More

SEWF2012 Sponsors
PwC| Lemelson Foundation|www.lemelson.orgGrupo Orsa|| Federal Brasil| States Diplomatic Mission to Brazil|brazil.usembassy.govMundo Verde| de Cidadania Empresarial (ICE)| Charitable Foundation|www.tricofoundation.caCoca-Cola Brasil| Verde Amazônia|ço Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas (SEBRAE)||www.vale.comHalloran Philanthropies|www.halloranphilanthropies.orgSolazyme|www.solazyme.comBrasil Plural|www.brasilplural.comInstituto 3M||www.nesst.orgBNDES| Redecard||www.neoenergia.comIBM||www.brookfieldbr.comActis|
SEWF2012 Supporting Partners
Fundação Roberto Marinho| Africa Social Enterprise Network (EASEN)|www.easenetwork.netCatarse|www.catarse.meVox Capital| Social Entrepreneurs Network (ASEN)|www.asenetwork.orgIncubadora Afro Brasileira|| Traders|| Centre for Community Renewal|www.communityrenewal.caSocial Business Conference 2012| Porto Maravilha - Companhia de Desenvolvimento Urbano da Região do Porto do Rio de Janeiro (CDURP)| Enterprise in Scotland (CEiS)| Institute College of Art (MICA)|www.mica.eduDesignEchos| für Arbeits- und Firmenprojekte (FAF)|www.faf-gmbh.deThomson Reuters Foundation|âmara de Comércio Americana - American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham)|www.amchamrio.comSocial Enterprise Council of Canada|| Non-Profits (enp)|www.enterprisingnonprofits.caGIFE|||www.intellecap.comAspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE)| Ventures Australia (SVA)| Especial de Desenvolvimento Econômico Solidário (SEDES)|| of Johannesburg, Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE)||www.clearlyso.comFIRJAN| Enterprise Alliance (SEA)|ção Brasileira de Captadores de Recursos (ABCR)|www.captacao.orgEuropean Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)| Enterprise UK|
SEWF2012 Media Partners
EcoD|www.EcoDesenvolvimento.orgNextBillion Brasil|brasil.nextbillion.netStanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR)|www.ssireview.orgAlternative Latin Investor|www.alternativelatininvestor.comAlliance Magazine|www.alliancemagazine.orgponteAponte|êmio Empreendedor Social| Aberto| Times|www.ft.comEmpreendedorismo Rosa | Quarterly|www.americasquarterly.orgSocial Enterprise Live|