Publishing Best Practices

NESsT has been at the forefront of social enterprise development, conducting research and documenting lessons-learned and best practices.

NESsT Practitioner Series

The NESsT Practitioner Series is designed to foster excellence in social enterprise practice by providing social enterprise managers the necessary tools they need to plan for, start up and better manage social enterprises, and to learn from the models and lessons of their peers.

NESsT Learning Series

The NESsT Learning Series was developed to share practical lessons learned in social enterprise development. The series includes books and reports providing critical analysis and research based on the practical experience and lessons learned by social enterprise managers worldwide.

NESsT Case Study Series

The NESsT Case Study Series focuses on social enterprise in emerging markets. Modeled on the case study methodologies of leading business schools, the cases document the practical lessons learned by social enterprises in applying business practices to address critical social problems.

The cases documented in the series are selected to reflect a diversity of social enterprises from various fields, of varying sizes and utilizing various business models. Starting with general background information on the mission, programs, and financial situation of the organization, the cases walk readers through the steps taken to start up, manage and develop the social enterprise, analyzing the impact against eight impact indicators developed by NESsT, and highlighting key lessons learned.

The NESsT Case Study Series is a valuable “real-life” teaching and learning tool for business school and nonprofit management faculty and students, social enterprise practitioners, foundations and individual donors to better understand the challenges and lessons of applying entrepreneurial approaches to critical social problems.

NESsT Legal Series

NESsT social enterprise legal guides are currently available for the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ecuador, Peru, Romania.