Sector-building Initiatives

An important part of the NESsT mission is to document and share lessons learned from our work, to promote excellence in social enterprise, and to provide useful tools to investors, practitioners, researchers and students.

Since 1997 NESsT has been at the forefront of social enterprise development, conducting research and documenting the experience of social enterprises, developing methodologies and impact measuring tools, and raising awareness of the benefits and importance of social enterprise through:

  1. Defining Social Enterprise
  2. Documenting Best Practices
  3. Organizing Social Enterprise Days and Other Events
  4. Collaborating with Others
  5. Promoting Policy Best Practices 

What’s New?

The latest selection of Thought Leadership publications and events by NESsT

NFR cover
Road to Travel highlights the importance of public policies to develop social enterprises and introduces a model to position the topic on the public agenda.More >>
NFR coverNESsT believes that social enterprise is a powerful tool that provides marginalized communities the skills, accessibility and technology needed to overcome social barriers and break the cycle of poverty. More >>

Trade-Offs Cover s

Trade-Offs Between Regulation and Fostering Social Enterprise: The Case of EU Policies is now available in the NESsT Publications online library. More >

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