Course Overview

Module 2: Testing & Validating the Self-financing Business Concept

In this course nonprofit executives and board members test and validate the viability of their business concept. Participants develop a Minimum Viable Product and identify an initial set of potential customers.  

Who should register?

This course is for nonprofit organizations with existing self-financing business concepts that still need to demonstrate the marketability of their potential venture.

What You’ll Do:

  • Engage in product validation processes
  • Develop a Minimum Viable Product and validate it with “real” customers
  • Conduct an initial analysis of potential revenue and costs of the self-financing venture
  • Link the self-financing venture with the organization’s overall mission

Main Deliverables

  • Feasibility study
  • Preliminary financial assessment with break-even point


Two hours per week of webinar instruction with NESsT trainers. An additional two hours to complete assignments for your organization. You will need a computer that allows you to join the online webinars and access your assignments.

Contact Nathalie Figueroa at nfigueroa[at] for questions about Profits for Nonprofits.

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Nonprofit leaders will be able to register for free on-demand courses and higher level paid courses beginning in May.

Participants can also sign up for individual coaching packages from our top experts.

Weekly Topics

  • Week 1: Business concept testing and validation
  • Week 2: Develop minimum viable self-financing product  
  • Week 3: Validate product with early-adopter customers (in the nonprofit or for-profit sectors)
  • Week 4: Identify the self-financing product’s costs and break-even point  
  • Week 5: Assess the potential social impact of the self-financing venture   
  • Week 6: Design an implementation plan and risk mitigation plan

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