Course Overview

Course Overview

NESsT’s online curriculum guides nonprofits through a series of steps to prepare for entrepreneurial projects, identify business ideas and develop business plans that create profits that support their mission.


The online courses are organized in six-week modules with weekly webinars and assignments, facilitated by experts in nonprofit financial sustainability and social entrepreneurship.


Module 1: Developing a Self-financing Business Concept 

Interested in self-financing ventures? Need a structured approach to business planning?

In this course, nonprofit executives and board members will assess their “readiness” to engage in self-financing; identify and select ideas that can generate new sources of income; and develop a business concept for their self-financing venture. More >>


Module 2: Validating the Self-financing Business Concept

Considering launching a new venture? Learn how to test the marketability of your potential venture.

Through this course, nonprofit executives and board members will test and validate the business concept for their self-financing ventures. Participants develop a Minimum Viable Product and identify an initial set of potential customers. More >>


Module 3: Launching the Self-financing Business Concept

Already operating a self-financing venture? Create a robust business strategy and actionable plan to grow revenues and scale impact.

In this course nonprofit executives and board members develop a summary business plan for launching their self-financing ventures. The business plan methodology from the private sector is adapted to the needs of the nonprofit sector to arrive at a plan that strengthens organizations’ mission and programs while charting a clear path toward self-financing implementation. More >>