Portfolio Impact

NESsT takes great care in monitoring and evaluating the performance of our portfolio, to ensure the best-possible outcomes and to maintain a high standard of performance within NESsT.

2012 Portfolio Performance

Over 317,000 marginalized people benefited from social enterprises in NESsT global portfolio.

65% increase in beneficiaries reached due to social enterprise.

68% average increase in jobs added each year by each social enterprise.

114% average increase in income generated through social enterprise.

How We Measure Performance and Impact

NESsT developed a unique system to manage, measure, and report on the Impact and performance of social enterprises supported by NESsT. The NESsT Performance Management Tool (PMT) uses both qualitative and quantitative data (financial and non-financial in nature) to assess the performance of social enterprises and their impact. The PMT monitors performance in four main areas:

-Enterprise Performance: measures the performance of the social enterprise and the return on investment for NESsT and donors.

-Social Impact: measures social/mission gains and risks as a result of the social enterprise. Indicators include number of active beneficiaries as well as jobs created per year (either through the social enterprise itself or through their supply chain) and average income of active beneficiaries as a result of the social enterprise.

-Financial Sustainability: measures the financial sustainability gained as a result of the enterprise;

-Organizational Development: measures the organizational development gained as a result of the enterprise (for example, increase in capacity, infrastructure, efficiency, etc.).