Our Social Enterprise

At NESsT, we practice what we preach, operating our own social enterprise that today generates nearly a quarter of our annual operating budget.

We don’t only assist others to develop their social enterprises, we have run our own for nearly a decade. NESsT Consulting is a mission-related venture launched by NESsT in 2003 to stimulate social enterprise development internationally while also generating untied resources to support our mission. NESsT Consulting has a dedicated professional team and offers services to global clients on sustainability issues and social enterprise development. NESsT Consulting contributes directly to our own sustainability and enables us to expand our geographic reach beyond our countries of operation.

Financial Benefits

NESsT Consulting has grown to represent an increasingly important part of NESsT’s financing mix. NESsT has significantly increased the percentage of self-generated revenue from 4% in 2000 to an annual average of 22% by 2011. These “unrestricted” resources are used to help finance our operating expenses and initiatives — allowing more of our donors’ funds to go directly to the support of our portfolio of social enterprises across Central & Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Social Benefits

Through NESsT Consulting we have supported the development of hundreds of social enterprises in nearly 50 countries worldwide. Furthermore, an important part of NESsT’s mission is to educate donors and development institutions about the benefits of social enterprise for their grantees and partners. Through NESsT Consulting we have increased our cooperation with these important constituencies with clients from the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Likewise, consulting has allowed NESsT to reach a wider global audience and expand our work into other countries and communities around the world.