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Combatting the Informal Economy in Peru through Social Entrepreneurship

Not much is known about the informal economy in Peru, yet it is one of the reasons why many people face poverty, particularly women. 1) The prevalence [...] More ›

Join Housekipp in Formalizing the Domestic Services Sector in Peru

With your support, women in Peru will have the opportunity to improve their income, receive professional training, and access micro-loans for their children and families [...] More ›
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Founders’ Leadership Series: Key values for a successful entrepreneur

NESsT is headquartered in San Francisco, where entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology meet to solve problems in our daily routines and in global issues that will impact [...] More ›
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Kiva lenders raise $30,000 for Project Pietà!

In less than a week, over 900 people trusted in Pietà by becoming their lenders and partners through the campaign organized by NESsT and Kiva! [...] More ›

Growing Social Enterprises in the Balkans – Irina Asaftei from NESsT Romania chats with Goodbiz

After years in the finance sector, Irina Asaftei realized that she wanted to go beyond her focus on generating profit.  She joined NESsT after working in Romania, [...] More ›