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NESsT Connects Entrepreneurs with Investors at SOCAP15

One of the greatest challenges cited by early-stage social entrepreneurs is the ability to find investors and secure financing to support their ventures. More ›

Fundatia NESsT angajeaza un specialist pentru pozitia de Enterprise Development Manager

Fundatia NESsT Romania angajeaza o persoana interesata de dezvoltarea intreprinderilor sociale pe postul de Enterprise Development Manager pentru biroul nostru din Timisoara. Este un job [...] More ›
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Strengthening Social Entrepreneur Business Skills

This summer, social entrepreneurs across the NESsT portfolio participated in hands-on training and networked with business mentors, investors and peers through a series [...] More ›

Scaling Social Enterprise Impact by Investing at the Early Stage

By Nicole Etchart, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, NESsT The growth of the social enterprise economy in the past two decades is due to its success in addressing [...] More ›

Social Entrepreneur Profile: Isabel Medem, CEO, X-Runner

Isabel Medem, CEO of X-Runner, a Peruvian waterless sanitation system used in the slums of Lima, is the first social entrepreneur to be interviewed by [...] More ›