Sector-building Initiatives


NESsT Hungary has been working together with the Corvinus University of Budapest in the past year to provide a platform for future Business graduates and social enterprises to interact and learn from each other in the framework of the university’s Social Enterprises and Social Economy Course.

In 2014, Corvinus University decided to join NESsT’s efforts to measure the impact of the NESsT Portfolio and conduct a Quality of Life Survey, involving the beneficiaries of NESsT Enterprises in Hungary. Twelve students were working on baseline data collection of six NESsT Enterprises (Alko-soft, Hatpöttyös, Házikence, Réthy Fashion, matyodesign, járható.hu) for one semester based on a standard survey on the quality of life of the beneficiaries, with additional enterprise-specific questions, mostly personally and via phone as well as in some cases online.

This effort was furthered by NESsT staff members and volunteers and two additional NESsT Enterprises, Kék Madár and Csimota’s beneficiaries were interviewed leading to a total of 177 surveys. NESsT plans to continue surveying to cover the whole NESsT Portfolio in Hungary, but initial results were shared at the 4th Social Enterprise Day in Hungary.