Special Stay

Social Challenge

In rural areas of Hungary, many family-owned Bed &Breakfasts often struggle to attract enough customers to enable owners to sustain their families. They often lack the necessary skills and knowledge to access the market.

Social Enterprise

“Special Stay” aims to help B&B owners, especially in the disadvantaged sub-regions of Hungary by providing efficient marketing advisory for a reasonable price, teaching the beneficiaries how to improve the quality of their services through simple and cost efficient tools. A special search engine will also be launched to support the small guesthouse owners’ access to the market.


NESsT Value Added
  • Helped Special Stay to implement its business plan.
  • Provided assistance in the outreach to B&B owners in disadvantaged regions.
    Leveraged legal advisory.

1-year goals:


owners reached with services


B&Bs in the reservation system


of owners in search engine are from disadvantaged regions

US$ 32,665

NESsT investment to date