Mahajana Foundation

Social Challenge

In Hungary, poverty and unemployment in rural Roma communities is extremely high, there are very few opportunities for income generation. Roma children are often segregated and disrciminated in schools and struggle to perform well.

NESsT Enterprise

Mahájána operates a weekend school for the children of the Roma community, living in deep poverty in Csörög. They plan to launch a handmade cheese workshop to generate income for some of the Roma families, and additionally contribute to the financing of the weekend school. A pilot year is co-financed with Badur Foundation.

NESsT Value Added
  • Helped Mahajana Foundation to fine-tune its business plan.
  • Provided assistance in re-thinking the business model.
  • Leveraged legal advisory.

1-year goals:


Beneficiaries reached (children and parents)


people employed

US$ 14,162

NESsT investment to date