Social Challenge

In Hungary, the employment rate for women with children under 1, 2 and 6 years is only 10%, 20% and 45-55%, respectively. With 2-3 years’ maternity leave per child many mothers become socially isolated and find employment and career advancement to be challenging. Family-friendly, part-time jobs are uncommon.

NESsT Enterprise

HelloMum! is opening an ecologically sustainable and family-friendly community space and café in September 2014. Its purpose is to encourage Budapest-based mothers to socialize and form part of the community, while empowering them through their participation in courses focused on personal growth and competency building to support labor reintegration. The social enterprise will provide ongoing part-time employment for their target group.


NESsT Value Added
  • Helped HelloMum! to implement its business plan and coordinate its financial planning.
  • Provided assistance in organizational development and in venue negotiations.

1-year goals:


part-time jobs for mothers


women trained, increasing their employability


mothers as regular visitors

US$ 40,014

NESsT investment to date