Galeforce Capital

Galeforce Capital is a NESsT initiative dedicated to supporting the development of LGBT social enterprises

LGBT organizations worldwide are under-resourced, constantly struggling to identify sufficient financial resources to sustain or expand their activities. While important, philanthropy alone will never be sufficient to meet the growing financial needs of LGBT organizations to address the challenges of the day. LGBT organizations, and the donors who support them, need to find ways to directly tap into the far greater pool of resources: the market.

Galeforce Capital is the first global initiative dedicated to supporting LGBT social enterprises. Galeforce Capital was launched by NESsT following the release of the pioneering book “End of the Rainbow: Increasing the sustainability of LGBT organizations through social enterprise.” Galeforce Capital provides financial and business development support to LGBT social enterprises to plan for, launch or expand social enterprises.

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Arcus Foundation|www.arcusfoundation.orgLGBT Capital||

Galeforce Capital Supporting Partners

Company Pride Platform (CPP)|www.companyprideplatform.orgOut Now|www.outnowconsulting.comEchelon Magazine|www.echelonmagazine.comLGBT Private Equity Association|www.lgbtpea.orgCenterLink|www.lgbtcenters.orgCALBiA Foundation|www.calbia-foundation.orgHorizons Foundation|www.horizonsfoundation.orgFridae|www.fridae.comILGA|

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