Helping civil society organizations access sustainable funding sources.


NESsT Consulting guides organizations in attaining successful sustainable funding sources and generating new business models. We work with grant-makers and their grantees to develop financial sustainability strategies that make possible the achievement of long-term social outcomes.

“NESsT is a unique organization. Their work nurturing social enterprises has been key to promoting alternative models of NGO sustainability and economic development. NESsT has demonstrated a very high standard of professionalism and enthusiasm throughout. It has been a real pleasure to work with them.”

—Judith Klein, Mental Health Initiative, Open Society Institute

Financial Sustainability for organizations promoting freedom and democracy


Since 1999, NESsT has been working with the Open Society Institute (OSI) to strengthen the financial sustainability
of organizations. These projects have included capacity building and training to generate financial sustainability plans for various organizations—including those focused on transparency, free speech, and the rights of LGBT individuals and sex workers—in Chile, Mexico, East Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Earned income for information and communication technology (ICT) centers


NESsT Consulting worked with Sarvodaya, one of the most prestigious nonprofit organizations in Sri Lanka, which is active in almost 15,000 villages across the country. The project helped Sarvodaya to develop a business plan and launch an ICT social enterprise called Fusion providing computer literacy education to thousands of students across rural Sri Lanka.