Connecting companies to strategic and sustainable social impact.


NESsT Consulting is connecting companies to strategic and sustainable social impact. We use a methodology refined over 16 years to help companies integrate market-based, entrepreneurial solutions that achieve strategic business objectives. The work includes corporate social responsibility (CSR) and building social innovations directly into corporate value chains.

“Our collaboration with NESsT has been based on the values which make up the foundation of Petrom as a business: professionalism, pioneering, and partnership. The NESsT team has helped us design and carry out the largest social business competition in Romania in order to foster sustainable economic growth in disadvantaged local communities.”

—Mona Nicolici, Head of Sustainability Department, Petrom

Investing in Cancer care

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Europe, and mortality rates in Central and Eastern Europe are significantly higher than those in Western Europe. The Brystol Myers Squibb Foundation (BMSF) supports oncology nursing organizations, which are on the front lines of cancer treatment. NESsT Consulting works with BMSF to foster the financial sustainability of oncology nursing organizations in Central and Eastern Europe. Using NESsT Consulting’s research and documentation of best self-financing practices within similar organizations to inform decisions, BMSF is helping Nursing Centers of Excellence become sustainable through business planning.

Social Innovations in Sports

Nike contracted NESsT Consulting to build a network of sports organizations in Brazil and East Africa. NESsT conducted research and case studies on sports social enterprises in both regions and organized a business plan competition for sports organizations to develop earned-income strategies linked to sports.In Kenya and Uganda, NESsT provided support to local Nike partners in developing market-based approaches for reproductive health.