Tiago Dalvi



Founder & CEO, Solidarium
Curitiba, Brazil

Tiago Dalvi started his carrer in a Junior Enterprise while was still in Business Administration college. During this experience he was elected consultant (2003), marketing director (2004) and ceo (2005), exerting leadership with only 19 years old. In 2006, he was accepted to Aliança Empreendedora, a social organization with focus in entrepreneurship, where he became responsible for the area of Market Access. That was the environment that took him to start Solidarium in 2007.

In 5 years Solidarium has become a national and international sucess case by generating social impact in profitable way. Tiago leads the company as CEO and with only 25 years old is responsible to expand its operations to Latin America, China and India.

In 2011, Tiago was selected as Unreasonable Fellow, Ashoka Changemakers Winner and finally, Entrepreneur of the Year by one of the most recognized business magazines in Brazil.