Stephen Hamill



General Manager, CEiS Ayrshire
Scotland, United Kingdom

Stephen is the General Manager of CEiS Ayrshire. His overall responsibility lies with the strategic and day-to-day management of CEiS Ayrshire and Catalyst Catering. He has extensive experience of dealing with social inclusion and social justice issues in relation to employment, education and capacity building. His work has included supporting other communities in setting up supporting and developing employability and engagement models. He has an interest in service mapping and has lead on our work profiling employment service provision and strategic interventions.

As a General Manager Stephen promotes the vision, values and activities of CEiS Ayrshire, informing and influencing local key policy makers, other development agencies and external organisations involved in the regeneration of under-invested and deprived communities.

Stephen has recently been involved in setting up an exciting new catering based employment and training company in Ayrshire – Catalyst Catering. This new social enterprise will provide transitional jobs and training opportunities to local young people looking for employment and career openings in the catering and hospitality industry. Catalyst Catering will create opportunities in our local community through employment, training, social interaction and work experience, thereby creating a legacy of confident and successful young people.

Stephen joined CEiS in 2003 as a Development Officer; Stephen’s specialisms vary from business development and strategy within social enterprise models to implementing and adapting employment, and regeneration models. Stephen is also experienced in working with social economy organisations in gearing up to a level of investment readiness.

Prior to joining CEiS he was the Depute Client Services Manager for a local economic development company in Ayrshire. Stephen’s previous experience has been in European funding, Capacity Building and Economic Development initiatives and has 15 years experience in the sector.