Sebastian Gatica



Social Innovation Lab, Universidad Católica de Chile
Santiago, Chile

Short Bio

Sebastian Gatica is a Commercial Engineer with mention in business administration from Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), MSc and PhD(c) at the University College of London, ex-director of the non-profit Un Techo Para Chile (A roof for Chile) and its international version Un Techo Para Mi País (A roof for My Country). He has worked as a consultant to local and international organizations on projects involving Social Enterprises and Social Innovation. Worth noting among his many endeavors his collaborations with the Inter-American Development Bank in advancing a Social Innovation agenda for the region and his active participation as an expert in social enterprises advising the Chilean Fourth Sector Enterprise Commission which was launched by Chilean Economic Minister.

Sebastian is also a fellow of the Ashoka global network of social entrepreneurs, having started several successful social ventures including HUB Santiago initiative and, a global network of community based tourism.

Currently Sebastian works as an academic at the Universidad Católica de Chile where he has launched a laboratory exclusively focused on Fourth Sector Enterprises and Social Innovation. The laboratory heads several initiatives, among them, applied studies such as “Social Innovation in Chile and the State´s role in its Development”; innovative courses bringing these topics into undergraduate and postgraduate classrooms; and multiple development initiatives which are aiming for a more dynamic national ecosystem as the National Social Innovation Council or the Social Innovation Academy.