Otávio Ottoni



Founding Partner, Kaeté Investimentos
São Paulo, Brazil

Founding partner at Kaeté Investimentos responsible for the Private Equity area. Has 14 years of experience in the financial markets and strategy consultancy, specifically in the private equity and product structuring areas. From 2006 to 2010 was the partner responsible for managing BRZ Investimentos’ Logistica Brasil FIP, a R$ 462 million private equity fund focused on investments in the logistics sector in Brazil. At this position, Otávio was responsible for finding new prospects, analyzing and evaluating potential investment targets, negotiation of deal terms, due diligence, execution of deals, monitoring, value creation and divesting the portfolio. In 2010, his team at Logistica Brasil FIP was elected the best private equity team in Brazil at FINEP’s 2º Prêmio Inovar. As manager of Logística Brasil FIP, Otávio analyzed more than 100 companies in the last 5 years leading to 8 transactions totaling R$1,1 billion of equity investments in 3 different BRZ funds (3 port terminals, 4 logistics operators, and 1 equipment rental company). Otávio actively monitored invested companies as board member and as member of financial committees (Elog, Poit Energia, TGSC, Porto de Itapoá – TSC, TESC, LOGZ, Agille). Participated in the long term debt raising process (Porto de Itapoá – TSC, TESC, Poit), in the search and negotiations of strategic partners (Poit, TESC) and evaluation of potential acquisitions (Poit, Elog) of the invested companies. Before BRZ, Otávio was a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co for 3 years and analyst in Banco Itaú BBA and Chase Manhattan for 4 years in the Product Structuring, Derivatives and Risk Management areas. Otávio has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BBA from Faculdade Economia e Administração da Universidade de São Paulo, USP