Kai Grunauer-Brachetti



Director, UBS Philanthropy & Values-Based Investing
Zürich, Switzerland

Kai Grunauer-Brachetti is Director at UBS Philanthropy & Values-Based Investing, where he assists clients in delivering positive social change through donations or investments. He is responsible for the operations in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

Before joining UBS, Kai worked at the ILO’s International Program for the Eradication of Child Labour, where he was responsible for the design of projects that were later implemented in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Previous professional engagements include work as the Chief of Staff of the Minister of Labor of Ecuador and Junior Consultant at the Attorney General’s Office of Ecuador.

Grunauer holds a BA in Political Sciences from the Universidad Católica de Guayaquil, an MA in International Relations from Kent University, and an MBA in International Organizations from the University of Geneva.