Closing the Talent Gap of the Brazilian Hospitality Industry: Investing in At-Risk Youth

Closing the Talent Gap of the Brazilian Hospitality Industry

Social enterprises can meet professional training needs of Brazilian at-risk youth for employment in the hospitality industry.

Closing the Talent Gap presents research on youth unemployment in Brazil and how the hospitality industry can be a solution for youth from marginalized communities. The publication presents the methodologies and best practices from social enterprises, non profit organizations and businesses.

Closing the Talent Gap was developed in partnership with Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and with support of Institute of Corporate Citizenship (ICE). It is part of NESsT Empowers, a global program that invest in social enterprises that generate dignified employment opportunities for marginalized communities to enter the job market.

NESsT has been working for 20 years to provide dignified employment to lift people out of poverty in emerging markets. NESsT achieves its mission by raising philanthropic capital to invest in and develop social enterprises that create employment and viable income opportunities for the poorest communities facing isolation, discrimination, lack of job skills and poor education.

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