Boosting Social Enterprise Development: Good Practice Compendium

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Social enterprises are longstanding agents of inclusive growth and have proved remarkably resilient in the face of economic adversity. By design, social enterprises address socio-economic challenges in innovative ways and engage citizens to become part of the solution.

In October 2015, the OECD Secretariat launched a call through its website, national and international networks, and the European Commission’s Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship, to collect policies, programmes, and initiatives aiming to support social enterprises. As a result of these outreach activities, 20 cases were finally included in the compendium. Each case study was prepared by external experts in co-operation with the OECD Secretariat, which coordinated the entire process.

This compendium of good practices provides an in-depth analysis of 20 initiatives across the European Union and illustrates the diversity of policy approaches that can be employed in order to establish an enabling ecosystem for social enterprise development. Policy makers can draw inspiration from the design of these initiatives and derive policy lessons from their implementation.

Access NESsT’s chapter here: English (PDF)

OECD/EU (2017), Boosting Social Enterprise Development: Good Practice Compendium, OECD

Publishing, Paris

ISBN 978-92-64-26850-0 (PDF)

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